So far



Oct 2017:  
The Company is founded, and the midazolam film project is initiated based on a solid foundation of preliminary in vivo data and pharmaceutical film development experience.
Dec 2017:  
First seed funding. 
Jan 2018:  
National phase entry for the midazolam film patent application.
Feb 2018:  
Collaboration started with regulatory advisory firm SOFUS (Stockholm), now ProPharma Group. 
Apr 2018: 
Regulatory advice for the midazolam film project received from the Swedish MPA and the UK’s MHRA.
June 2018:
Completion of a series of twenty in-depth interviews with neurologists, parents and other caretakers.
Sept 2018:
Collaboration for the midazolam film project initiated with clinical CRO Quinta-Analytica (Prague).
Oct 2018: 
Series A funding.
Feb 2019: 
Scientific Advice Meeting for the midazolam film project held with the Swedish MPA. Exclusive collaboration agreement
for the midazolam film project signed with GMP manufacturer AdhexPharma (Dijon).
May 2019: 
Advisory meeting with the Swedish pricing & reimbursement agency TLV regarding the midazolam film product. The EPO announces a decision-to-grant for the midazolam film patent application.
Aug 2019:  
The midazolam film patent application is validated (approved) in ten EPO member states. Pre-study for a second project is started, aimed at new film product intended for the US market.